Restaurant Nora

202.462.5143Ver más teléfonos2132 Florida Avenue Northwest , Dc 20008WashingtonEstados Unidos
Horario de atenciónReservations: M-Th 5:30/10:00pm , F-Sat 5:00/10:00pm , Closed Sundays
Socio: Thomas Damato
Socio: Steven Damato
Director de Eventos Especiales: Camilla Rothwell

Being a grocery store 19th century, since 1979, the first restaurant located at 95% certified organic nation produced by farmers, producers, suppliers and powered by 100% wind energy Direct Energy , a local company that sources of wind farms in Nebraska, Iowa, Texas and Indiana, as well as cleaning products (are organic and biodegradable), paper made (100% recycled post-consumer waste), The fuel. It offers à la carte and a tasting menu, wine list of small producers, many of them organically grown grapes and sustainable practices. It has five rooms ideal for private dining, business meetings, parties and weddings or special event you need with capacity of 10 to 100 people.

Today is a partner of Blue Circle Foods, supplier of sustainable seafood, fresh and frozen. She is the author of the kitchen with Nora, a finalist for the Prix Cookbook Julia Child. In 2009, was the first awarded the Genesis of women chefs and restaurateurs. In October 2011, Chefs Collaborative installed on your board will Pioneers.

Public Relations: [email protected]

Chef / Buyer: [email protected]

Dining Room Managers: [email protected]

Director of Special Events: [email protected]

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